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Simon Goldblatt QC has a wide-ranging civil practice advising and conducting litigation in commercial, construction, company and common law disputes, whether of a domestic or international character.  His commercial law practice covers advice and litigation in construction, insurance and re-insurance (including the recent Lloyd’s Names litigation), oil & gas, utilities, bills of exchange, sports clubs disputes, fraud and defamation.  Company law work includes director and partnership disputes, including abuse of power, issues of insolvency, and administration and passing off.

Simon’s experience in the field of negligence includes general work as well as professional negligence involving, for example, architects, surveyors, building contractors, valuers and trustees.

Related Cases


  • Norwich Union Life Insurance Co Ltd v Qureshi (CA) 30 July 1999 [1999] CLC 1963:  Insurer’s duty of disclosure.
  • P & O Developments Ltd v Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust (TCC) (Simon Goldblatt QC & Adam Robb), 15 October 1998 [1999] BLR 3:  It was essential to determine whether the settlement of a dispute was reasonable.  Advice of professional advisers was not sufficient to illustrate reasonableness.
  • Society of Lloyd’s v Fraser (CA) 31 July 1998 (1998) CLC 1630:  Appeal applications by Lloyd’s Names not participating in the Equitas Contract.
  • Society of Lloyd’s v Lyons (the “Equitas” litigation) (CA) 31 July 1997 [1997] CLC 1398:  Contractual test case by Lloyd’s Names.
  • Brownton v Edward Moore Inbucon Ltd CA [1985] 3 All ER 499:  When an assignment of a cause of action is not champertous.

Insurance & Reinsurance

  • Society of Lloyd’s v Fraser 1998 QBD: Interpretation of Equitas Reinsurance Contract in hearing on quantum issues.
  • Society of Lloyd’s v Fraser 1997 QBD: South Australia Asset Management Corp v York Montague Ltd 1995 QBD.


  • Lubenham Fidelities v S Pembroke County Council [1986] 33 BLR 39:  Construction contract termination.

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