Rapid Response Guidance Note: Vaccination and Mental Capacity

Rapid Response Guidance Note: Vaccination and Mental Capacity

CategoryNews, Newsletters Author Vikram Sachdeva QC, Victoria Butler-Cole QC, Neil Allen, Alexander Ruck Keene, Nicola Kohn Date

The Court of Protection team has been asked to advise on a number of occasions as to the legal position in relation to vaccination for COVID-19. What follows is a general discussion, as opposed to legal advice on the facts of individual cases. It primarily relates to the position in England in relation to those aged 18 and above; specific advice should be sought in respect of Wales and those under 18. Reference should also be had to the DSHC’s guidance, which is to be updated shortly to address vaccination.

Click HERE to read the guidance note.

Readers may also find useful our rapid response guidance note on testing, available here.

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