Mental Capacity Report - June 2024

MCR June 2024

Welcome to the June 2024 Mental Capacity Report. Highlights this month include:

  1. In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Report: when no option is a good one, snapshots from the frontline, and are we listening closely enough to the person in the context of deprivation of liberty;
  2. In the Property and Affairs Report: the Powers of Attorney Act 2023 on election hold, contesting costs in probate cases and guidance on viewing LPAs online;
  3. In the Practice and Procedure Report: post-death costs, what does it mean to be an expert in the person, and procedure in brain stem death cases;
  4. In the Mental Health Matters Report: the MHA 1983 under strain in police cells and the hospital setting;
  5. In the Wider Context Report: the inherent jurisdiction – a case, guidance, and a challenge from Ireland; the older child and medical treatment decisions – mental capacity or competence, and Capacity and contempt proceedings – what is the test?
  6. In the Scotland Report: guardianship under examination before the Sheriff Appeal Court and Scottish Government’s Mental Health and Capacity Reform Programme.

There are two plugs this month: 

(1)    For a free digital trial of the newly relaunched Court of Protection Law Reports (now published by Butterworths.  For a walkthrough of one of the reports, see here.
(2)    For Lucy Series’ blog post about mental capacity and voting.

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Watch Alex's walkthrough of the Report.

39 Essex Chambers June 2024 Mental Capacity Report walkthrough from Ruck Keene on Vimeo.