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Quintin Fraser

"He is technically excellent and can easily pick up on the nuances of a case." Chambers and Partners 2023

“He has a great ability to ‘cut through’ the heads of loss as stated on paper and to give sensible, reliable and accurate advice.” The Legal 500 2023

Quintin practises across a range of chambers’ specialisms with a focus on clinical negligence and personal injury. Quintin undertakes work for both claimants and defendants in catastrophic injury claims. Quintin is held in high regard by a number of the UK’s leading insurers, but he also has a strong claimant practice enabling him to take a well-balanced view on matters. Quintin is involved at every stage of litigation, and while he appreciates the benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), he has a successful history of fighting to trial those claims which are not capable of compromise.

Areas of expertise

Clinical Negligence

Quintin has extensive experience in high value clinical negligence matters, and has acted in cases involving abdominoplasties, orthopaedic operations, missed diagnoses, lack of informed consent and systemic hospital failure. He is instructed by the leading clinical negligence firms, including DAC Beachcroft, BLM, Hill Dickinsons, Irwin Mitchell, Slater & Gordon, Capsticks, Hempsons, and Weightmans.

Cases of note

  • KA v AH (2022) – Quintin represented the defendant general practitioner in a case where the delayed diagnosis of a tumour had led to impaired shoulder function of a young nurse leading to a claim of substantially over £2m. The matter settled on reasonable terms at a joint settlement meeting.
  • Vinegrad v University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust [2021] 1 WLUK 512 – Quintin successfully represented the defendant trust in this claim where psychosis was alleged to have been caused by a failure to treat adequately the claimant after he had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The trial was head remotely over the course of four days at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, with three experts called by each side.
  • RB v NHS Trust (2021)
    Quintin represented the defendant trust in this claim where a delayed diagnosis of spina bifida was admitted. There were complex issues re causation and scope of duty, and the claim settled a few days before a four-day High Court trial at a fraction of its potential value.
  • WF v NHS Trust (2020)
    Claim for around £1.8m for delayed diagnosis of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The matter settled at a joint settlement meeting.

Personal Injury

Quintin has considerable experience in personal injury and has acted in a broad range of cases.  He has successfully pursued and defended claims against employers, highway agencies and other bodies, and is experienced with significant claims where extensive quantum calculations are required. He is frequently involved as sole counsel in claims pleaded well in excess of £2m

-- Animal Claims

Quintin has acted for both claimants and defendants in many claims involving injuries caused by animals, including providing representation at a number of trials. Quintin has experience of successfully pursuing defences under section 5 of the Animal Act 1971, and the dismissal of claims on such a basis being upheld on appeal. 

-- Employer’s Liability

Quintin acts in cases arising out of all types of workplace claims, including construction accidents, work at height falls, and tunnelling injuries. Quintin has achieved excellent outcomes in a number of multi-party defences, and recognises the value of achieving commercial settlements when the circumstances demand. 

-- Insurance Fraud

Quintin provides advice to insurers on a frequent basis as to whether applications to strike out claims for fundamental dishonesty are warranted, and has made several successful applications. If the appetite is there, he can advise on pursuing committal proceedings. 

-- Occupiers’ Liability

Quintin has acted for householders, businesses and insurers in claims arising from catastrophic injuries to all types of visitors including workmen, residential guests, children and customers. Quintin is not afraid to give robust advice in this area of practice.

Cases of note

  • Lamb v Malta – Quintin successfully defended at a three-day trial, and heard by His Honour Judge Coltart, a claim brought by a carpet fitter against a homeowner and various other defendants for serious orthopaedic injuries.
  • Buckett v Staffordshire County Council – (QBD, November 2014 Lawtel AC0146016)
    Quintin, led by William Norris QC, represented the successful defendant in this case in which it was held that the defendant’s school owed no duty under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 to the catastrophically injured child trespasser who fell through a skylight while on a roof.

-- Road Traffic

Quintin has experience across the usual breadth of road traffic accidents, including multi-party pile-ups, fatal/catastrophic pedestrian collisions and motorcyclist claims. This experience has extended to the liability of taxi drivers for the safety of their passengers when alighting from their vehicles, and any potential liability of those drivers for the actions of their passengers.

Cases of note

  • WM v Insurer (2021) - Fatal Accident Act claim for £1.3m with issues re contributory negligence arising out of passenger’s knowledge of drug use and passenger’s distraction of driver.
  • CS v PL (2020) - Road traffic accident involving a loss of earnings claim pleaded at around £605,000. The matter proceeded to trial as to quantum only, heard by Recorder Bebb QC. The recorder chose to adopt a Smith v Manchester approach. Quintin acted for the defendant and sum for losses of earnings awarded of £45,000, with a consequent favourable costs order agreed. Application for permission to appeal dismissed at oral hearing in front of Mr Justice Henshaw.
  • SW v JA (2019) - The claimant was a double amputee following a road traffic accident. Claim pleaded at around £18m. Quintin was led by William Norris QC and matter settled at a joint settlement meeting at a considerable discount.
  • MW v AL (2019) - A claim for severe orthopaedic injuries arising out of a road traffic accident. Claim pleaded at around £4.5m. Quintin was led by Neil Block QC, and the matter settled at a joint settlement meeting.

-- Sport Injury and Negligence

Quintin is a keen sportsman and still plays club rugby (at the heady heights of Hampshire division 4). Quintin has acted in a number of football, rugby, netball, golf and similar claims achieving favourable results both on quantum and liability.

Cases of note

  • TS v Lincoln Rugby Club (2020) - The claimant suffered a serious injury to his knee during rugby game. Trial on liability hearing for three days before Her Honour Judge Coe QC, and then quantum settled at a joint settlement meeting on reasonable terms.


Quintin is an outstanding junior barrister in whom clients can have the utmost confidence

  • “Really good with clients and very effective in negotiations. He is very pragmatic, straight to the point and great on tricky cases.” (Chambers and Partners 2021)
  • “A personal injury junior of the highest quality, whose strengths include rigorous attention to detail and exceptional analytical skills.” (The Legal 500 2021) 
  • “Quintin is bright, efficient and can easily cut through the detail to get to the crux of the case.” (Chambers and Partners 2020)
  • “A genuine all-rounder.” (The Legal 500 2020)
  • “He seems very driven and committed with a pragmatic mind.” (The Legal 500 2019)
  • “He is down-to-earth and has a very nice attitude with clients.” (Chambers and Partners 2019)
  • “He is very considered, thoughtful and detailed.” (Chambers and Partners 2019)