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Denys Hickey has over 40 years' legal experience, with a strong reputation for arbitration. Denys is very well known for oil and gas and commodity trading work as well as for fraud and general commercial disputes.

Upstream oil and gas work has included advising on floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) agreements, Supplytime charters and liquified natural gas (LNG) vessel charters. He has also advised on offshore construction joint ventures, the financing of refinery projects, disputes relating to offshore oil and gas projects, shipbuilding contracts, oilfield redetermination problems and pipeline construction disputes. Cases handled cover a very wide spectrum from shipping through insurance, oil trading and other commodity disputes together with engineering matters and shipbuilding contracts and disputes. Denys has also dealt with joint venture and shareholder disputes and with the breakup of offshore oil and gas and construction joint ventures. Denys also has a wealth of experience of shipping and shipbuilding disputes as well as marine and energy insurance matters.

Recent work includes both representing parties and acting as counsel in ad hoc arbitrations and arbitrations under ICC, SIAC, KLRCA, SCMA, LCIA, LME, UNCITRAL, GAFTA, FOSFA and LMAA rules. He regularly sits as an arbitrator and is a CIArb Accredited Mediator.

He is a board member of Maxwell Chambers, and a on the Panel of Arbitrators with SIAC, KLRCA, SCMA and the London Metal Exchange (LME). He is also a Member of the Arbitration Panel Committee of the London Metal Exchange.

Areas of expertise

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Denys has extensive experience of international arbitration and mediation. Arbitration experience includes both representing parties and acting as counsel in ad hoc arbitrations and arbitrations under ICC, SIAC, SCMA, LCIA, LME, UNCITRAL, GAFTA, FOSFA and LMAA rules. Denys has also litigated challenges to arbitration awards on the grounds of alleged misconduct. He has also has sat as an arbitrator, and has been appointed as sole arbitrator in a number of SIAC and SCMA arbitrations. He is also a CIArb Accredited Mediator.

Banking and Financial Services


Denys' experience relates to letters of credit used in trading of oil and other commodities, and guarantees used in shipbuilding and construction cases. Denys has advised on whether payment under letters of credit can be prevented, and has acted for various banks on trade finance matters.


Denys has handled a number of fraud cases, including one involving the theft of several thousand tons of fuel oil inside Iran. This case resulted eventually in the jailing of the chief fraudster, Mr Moussavi for contempt of court in relation to his breach of a search order.

Competition law

Denys has been instructed in a series of cases for a very large offshore construction client involving advice on EU and UK anti-trust law, and filings with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the EU. Denys has also advised on the application of competition law to the shipping industry, including liner conferences and pooling arrangements. He has also advised on access to ''essential facilities', and the legality of joint selling arrangements in the context of the sale of crude oil from newly developed fields. Denys has also acted for the Korean Shipbuilders Association in connection with a complaint concerning subsidies which it was alleged by the European Shipbuilders Association were unfair.