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Charles Manzoni KC

“Organised, a very good advocate and absolutely exceptional.” Chambers and Partners, Greater China 2022

Charlie is a British lawyer with an international commercial and sports law practice. Having qualified as a mechanical and electrical engineer, he worked as an engineer for five years before turning to the law. His legal practice comprises international litigation, arbitration and mediation as advocate or arbitrator, representing and deciding cases involving both commercial and state entities. He has an active sports law practice. He acts as counsel in the High Courts of London and Hong Kong, in international and domestic arbitrations, acts as a mediator and conciliator in cross-border disputes and regularly sits as a sole arbitrator or as part of a three-man tribunal.

He was appointed QC in London in 2009 and SC in Hong Kong in 2012. He was appointed a part-time judge in Hong Kong in 2015.

Areas of expertise

Alternative Dispute Resolution

He is well recognised in both Asia and the Middle East for his extensive construction dispute experience.
Charles has been appointed as an arbitrator in over 80 arbitrations, which involve 20 jurisdictional seats and a similar number of different substantive laws. 

Cases of note:

  • Party A v Party B - Claim by a Canadian software company developing innovative smartphone technology that has been integrated into the Android operating system by a Chinese manufacturer.
  • Party A v Party B - Claim by a Chinese manufacturer of medical supplies for the price of goods delivered to Italy. The Italian respondent had been persuaded by fraudsters to make payment to a different entity, and so the money had not been received.
  • Party A v Party B - US$5m claim by two well-known administrators in the English football industry for breach of consultancy agreements with a Chinese football club. 
  • Party A v Party B - US$3.5bn claim by a contractor at a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) facility in northern Australia. Three arbitrations consolidated into one. The claim involved claims under funding deeds, claims for variations, claims for delay.

Professional Negligence

Cases of note:

  • Party A v Party B - The case concerned the ability of the trader to enforce the terms of the financing facility, and the losses they occurred as a result of any breach. Also, the question of whether the failure to perform in accordance with the terms of the emergency award gave rise to losses which were unlimited by the limitation of liability clauses contained in the original financing contract.
  • Party A v Party B - Dispute between a Japanese ATM  designer/manufacturer and a Chinese OEM ATM  factory over whether the Chinese entity had misappropriated the technology and software of the ATMs designed by the Japanese for use in the Chinese entity’s own domestic products. 
  • Zhou v SAIF - Claim by hedge fund partner seeking payment of partnership profits. Allegations of fraud, breach of duty, breach of trust. 
  • Re China Medical - Major litigation project seeking to recover in respect of the theft of US$500m by directors of a company. The project involves six major pieces of litigation against numerous defendants, with the money being spread through 50 bank accounts across five jurisdictions.
  • Tianrui v Shanshui Cement - Litigation arising out of a hostile takeover of one of China’s largest cement manufacturers. The victor in the takeover sued the incumbent directors and shareholders for breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy and fraud. 


Cases of note:

  • Hsin Chong v Build King - Settlement of a joint venture dispute arising from the insolvency of one of the joint venture parties, including novation of the underlying construction contract.
  • Queen Cheers Development Limited v Kwong Associates Limited - Claim of professional negligence by a developer against an architect for the alleged negligent design of a high-rise building in Hong Kong. Acted for the architect and successfully defended the firm.
  • Yee Hop Engineering Co. Ltd v Government of the HKSAR - The case involved a contract by which the Government of Hong Kong asked the contractor to replace the stainless steelwork in numerous walkways, lifts, stairs, pavements etc. all around Hong Kong.
  • Hsin Chong – Paul Y Joint Venture v Orient Project Engineering Limited - Claim for extra remuneration arising out of the excavation and groundworks of a major Hong Kong landmark.


Charles has an active sports law practice and is heavily involved in the administration of sports law disputes within the sport of sailing. He is an active sportsman and regularly competes in sailing competitions, up to and including World Championship level. He was appointed as an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in 2011 and has been on the Court’s Panel, including its appeal panel, continuously since. He also sits on the arbitration panel of Sports Resolutions in the UK.

Cases of note:

  • Party A v Party B - US$5m claim by two well-known administrators in the English football industry for breach of consultancy agreements with a Chinese football club. 
    The case is significant because the reason for the breach of contract was said to be a result of a Chinese government mandate as to how Chinese football clubs could run (because of the President of China’s extreme interest in football, and his desire to develop the sport nationally within China).
  • Party A v Party B - A dispute between two football clubs about the transfer of a player at a time when and without disclosure of the fact that he was under investigation by the police in respect of an alleged rape.
  • America’s Cup Arbitration Panel - Appointed as an alternate member of the arbitration panel for the America’s Cup. 
  • Party A v Party B - Advocate for an insurer arising out of a sportsman’s death occurring during a sporting world record attempt.
  • Party A v Party B - Advocate for a major national sporting federation (rugby) in proceedings relating to a severe injury occurring to a player during an international match.


  • “Excellent in all respects. He is an excellent cross-examiner and gets straight to the core issues after reviewing complicated and voluminous documentation.” The Legal 500 2022
  • “A wealth of experience dealing with complex fraud and insolvency matters.” The Legal 500 2022
  • “A very practical leading counsel, with the ability to turn complexity to simplicity.” The Legal 500 2022
  • “Manzoni doesn't need any introduction: he's brilliant.” Chambers and Partners 2022
  • “Very experienced in many areas.” Chambers and Partners 2022
  • “Organised, a very good advocate and absolutely exceptional.” Chambers and Partners 2022