Woman's bid to use deceased daughter's eggs continues in the Court of Appeal

A 60-year-old woman who wants to use her late daughter's frozen eggs to give birth to her own grandchild is continuing her legal battle.

Jenni Richards QC & Rose Grogan, acting on behalf of Mr & Mrs M, are appealing against a ban on their using their late daughter's frozen eggs so that she can become pregnant with her own grandchild – something they say was their daughter's dying wish.

An independent regulator has so far refused to allow the woman and her husband to take their daughter's eggs to a US fertility clinic to be used with donor sperm.

Jenni Richards QC told judges on Wednesday (25th May) that the woman simply wants to fulfill her daughter's wishes, saying she would have been "devastated" if she had known her eggs would not be used. Ms Richards said the "inevitable" consequence would be that the eggs "will simply be allowed to perish".

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