SCCO does have power to strike out PoDs where PoA not paid

Shaman Kapoor has been successful before the Senior Costs Judge on an application for an Unless Order requiring compliance with a previous order for the payment on account of costs.  Whilst the sanction order sought – to strike out the Points of Dispute – was not granted in this case and instead the paying party was to be debarred from participating further at the detailed assessment, the Senior Costs Judge acknowledged that the Court did indeed have the power to so order in an appropriate case, contrary to some interpretations of Days Healthcare UK Ltd v Pihsiang Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd and Ors [2006] EWHC 1444 (QB), per Langley J.  Shaman appeared on behalf of the successful respondents in (1) Fitzroy Street Capital Inc (2) BMB Avenue Road Limited v (1) Lee Antony Manning (2) Matthew David Smith (3) Barclays Bank Plc on 14 December 2022.