Planning, Environment and Property 20th Anniversary Special Edition Newsletter

As Joint Heads of the Planning, Environmental & Property Group at 39 Essex Chambers, we are delighted to introduce this Special Anniversary Edition of our Newsletter, marking 20 years since the formation of this Practice Group, which counts a substantial proportion of our 152 strong team of barristers amongst its membership.

This Edition looks back over the past two decades through the eyes of some of those who have been at the helm during that time, including our outstanding Group Head Clerk Andrew Poyser, who has been clerking the PEP practitioners throughout this period. We have also taken the opportunity to cast our collective minds back and recall (with appropriately strict word limits) some particularly memorable cases in which we have been engaged over this time.

We hope you will enjoy these vignettes. Indeed, many of you will have been fellow combatants. We now look forward to the next decade.

You can read the special edition here.

Peter Village QC and Thomas Hill QC

(Join Heads of the Planning, Environment and Property Group)