New Edition of Foskett on Compromise

The new edition of 'Foskett on Compromise' (9th edition, Sweet & Maxwell) has just been published.  Sir David Foskett is the Consultant Editor, Dr John Sorabji is the General Editor and they head a team of distinguished contributors that on this occasion includes James Strachan QC of these Chambers who has taken on responsibility for the Chapter on 'The Resolution by Agreement of Administrative Court Proceedings'.  The text has been up-dated in all areas and David and Tom Montagu Smith QC (of 24 Old Buildings, Lincoln's Inn) have produced a brand new Chapter 36 entitled 'The Settlement of International Commercial Disputes' which covers, amongst other things, the settlement of international commercial arbitrations and the implications of The Singapore Convention for international disputes that have been settled pursuant to mediation.  David has said this: "It is 40 years since the First edition was published and I do not think I could ever have envisaged then the extent to which the text would be relied upon subsequently, not merely in England and Wales, but in many jurisdictions influenced by the English common law.  I am delighted that the book continues to help in so many areas and I am immensely grateful to John Sorabji and my other contributors for helping to keep the text up-to-date.  I am particularly pleased to have been able to contribute to the new Chapter 36 which, amongst other things, we hope will elucidate some potentially difficult areas arising under The Singapore Convention."  The Hardback edition costs £285.