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Episode 13: Interview with Elsie Blackshaw-Crosby – Lifescape Project and the Biomass Strategy

The Lifescape Project is concerned with creating a world rich in wild landscapes through a multi-disciplinary approach.  Elsie Blackshaw-Crosby, Managing Lawyer at the charity, discusses her journey and how she ended up working with the project before setting out, in more detail, how the charity uses the law to achieve its objectives. Elsie also discusses the charity’s recently issued judicial review challenge to the Government’s Biomass Strategy, explaining why the charity is concerned about the strategy, in particular its implications for climate change and biodiversity, and how the claim has been formulated. 

You can access the Lifescape Project’s Rewilding Law Hub here; a legal briefing on the Biomass Strategy challenge here and a scientific briefing on biomass and biomass energy with carbon capture and storage (“BECCS”) here.