Bringing it home? (John Pugh-Smith and Katharine Scott) - Local Government Lawyer

John Pugh-Smith and Katie Scott consider conflict management and resolution, and analyse alternatives to litigation for local government.

This Article is based on our joint paper originally presented at the Annual Lawyers in Local Government Conference on 9th March 2018 at Bristol. From our perspectives, both as specialist public lawyers and mediators it considers ways of settling disputes better and more swiftly, both prior to or during proceedings, by the use of processes such as structured negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Collectively, these processes are most frequently referred to as 'alternative dispute resolution' or "ADR". We wish to acknowledge the help provided by two highly experienced commercial, non-lawyer, mediators, Amanda Bucklow and Mark Linnell of Moot Hill Partners LLP [1] in its content and the initial presentation of the original paper.

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