14 Dec 2018

Peter Rees QC to speak at the official launch of Prague Rules

Peter Rees QC will be speaking at the official launch of Prague Rules, in cooperation with Global Arbitration Review, on Friday 14th December.

Peter's panel will discuss 'How much do hired guns contribute to the truth? Party appointed vs tribunal appointed experts.'

Other themes for the day include:

  • Horses for courses: common law vs. civil law procedure in international arbitration
  • Is the sky the only limit? Discovery and e-discovery in arbitration.
  • Lie to me. Fact witnesses vs. documentary evidence: can a paper lie?
  • Showing a sphinx face. Limits of the tribunal's role in fact findings.
  • No place for old men? Jura Novit Curia in international arbitration.
The conference will be culminated in the solemnly signing of the Prague Rules and the reception.

For further information and to register see here.