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“Really good with clients and very effective in negotiations.” “He is very pragmatic, straight to the point and great on tricky cases.”

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‘A personal injury junior of the highest quality, whose strengths include rigorous attention to detail and exceptional analytical skills.’
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‘Quintin is bright, efficient and can easily cut through the detail to get to the crux of the case.’
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‘A genuine all-rounder.’
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‘He is down-to-earth and has a very nice attitude with clients.’
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‘He is very considered, thoughtful and detailed.’
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Quintin practises across a range of chambers’ specialisms with a particular focus on personal injury (including fraud), clinical negligence, and insurance related matters. He undertakes work for both claimants and defendants in high value claims. In insurance matters he has advised on coverage issues, and he has a wealth of experience in property damage claims.

In addition, he has acted for litigants in a wide range of professional liability cases involving surgeons, physicians, nurses, opticians, physiotherapists, solicitors and IFAs. Prior to joining 39 Essex Chambers, Quintin worked as a Strategy Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.

Clinical Negligence

Quintin has extensive experience in high value clinical negligence matters (including matters for opticians), and has acted in cases involving abdominoplasties, orthopaedic operations, alleged missed diagnoses, lack of informed consent and systemic hospital failure. He is instructed by leading clinical negligence firms, including DAC Beachcroft, BLM, Hill Dickinsons, Irwin Mitchell, Slater & Gordon, Capsticks, Hempsons, and Weightmans.  Quintin has, by way of example, acted in the following recent claims:

  • RB v NHS Trust (2021): claim for delayed diagnosis and surgical treatment of spina bifida.
  • TV v NHS Trust (2021): defence of a claim for the negligent delay in providing psychiatric treatment to a young man. Claim dismissed following a 4 day trial with 3 experts on each side.
  • WF v NHS Trust (2020): claim for c. £1.8m for delayed diagnosis of a DVT. Settled at JSM.
  • AT v NHS Trust (2020): claim for £700,000 for delayed repair of ligament injury. Settled at JSM.
  • SH v NHS Trust (2020): claim for c. £1m following death of a mother with a missed pulmonary embolism. Settled at JSM.
  • HS v NHS Trust (2020): claim for £1.8m for development of missed compartment syndrome. Settled at JSM.
  • PM v NHS Trust (2020): claim for £2.8m for missed diagnosis of bowel cancer. Settled at JSM.
  • PH v NHS Trust (2020): claim for c. £400,000 following sciatic nerve injury caused during orthopaedic surgery
  • PB v NHS Trust (2020): FAA 1976 claim for c. £1m following death of wife after missed diagnosis of cervical cancer
  • AH v NHS Trust (2020): high value claim for missed diagnosis of CES
  • NW v NHS Trust (2020): claim for missed DVT and resulting PTS for c. £400,000
  • RG v NHS Trust (2019): claim for c. £2m following laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy with numerous complications including discitis.
  • KJ v NHS Trust (2019): claim arising out of the alleged incorrect administration of steroids leading to avascular necrosis of all hip and shoulder joints.
  • ME v NHS Trust (2019): claim for £500,000 arising from allegedly negligent failure to identify a benign polyp which became malign and led to the death of a mother in her 40s.
  • GS v NHS Trust (2018): claim for £800,000 arising out of negligently performed haemorrhoidectomy.
  • AP v NHS Trust (2018): claim for injuries arising out of prolapse surgery which allegedly should not have been offered to the claimant.
  • JS v NHS Trust (2018): claim for a delay in diagnosing Crohn’s disease with the consequential need for emergency surgery and with long term complications thereby arising.
  • Lowes-Bird v Hywel Health Board: claim involving issues of informed consent and allegedly negligent follow-up care after a decompression operation to the Achilles tendon.
  • PM v South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (2016): claim for a failure to diagnose an eye condition leading to near complete loss of vision.  Claim of £800,000 settled at JSM for c. £500,000.
  • BP v Mid-Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust (2016): claim for failure to diagnose and treat glaucoma.  Settled at JSM for c. £400,000.
  • JD v West Bromwich Specsavers Ltd (2016): claim for failure of optician to refer for signs of glaucoma.
  • LS v Lancaster Visionplus Ltd (2016): claim for failure to warn of risks of infection in wearing contact lenses, resulting in loss of vision in an eye.
  • AP v Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (2016): claim for an alleged failure to diagnose CES.
  • MB v City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust (2016): claim for avoidable hysterectomy struck out at trial during expert evidence adduced by the Claimant.
  • JH (a child) v Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (2016): Erb’s palsy claim for girl approaching secondary school age.
  • KE v Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust (2016): claim discontinued on the morning of 2 day trial regarding informed consent to an unsuccessful cholecystectomy.
  • PG v Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (2016): claim for a negligently performed diverticulectomy.
  • SC v University College London Hospitals NHS Trust (2015): claim arising out of delayed diagnosis of peritonitis.
  • LF v The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (2015): claim arising out of an allegedly negligently performed thoracentesis.
  • BD v Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (2015): claim for a still birth.
  • LT v Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (2015): claim arising out of an alleged failure to diagnose and treat necrotising fasciitis.

Personal Injury

Quintin has considerable experience in personal injury and has acted in a broad range of cases.  He has successfully pursued and defended claims against employers, highway agencies and other bodies, and is experienced with significant claims where extensive quantum calculations are required. He is frequently involved as sole counsel in claims well in excess of £1m, and does not routinely deal with cases with a potential value under £250,000 (absent allegations of fraud).

Quintin has acted in the following claims:

  • WM v Insurer (2021): FAA claim for £1.3m with issues re contributory negligence arising out of passenger’s knowledge of drug use and passenger’s distraction of driver.
  • NO v JL (2021): claim pleaded at c. £800,000 for dislocated shoulder of a postman. The matter settled at JSM on favourable terms.
  • CS v PL (2020): claim pleaded at c. £900,000. The matter proceeded to trial as to quantum only, heard by Recorder Bebb QC. Judge chose to adopt a Smith v Manchester approach. Quintin acted for the Defendant and sum awarded of c. £120,000. Appeal pending.
  • TS v Lincoln Rugby Club (2020): claimant suffered a serious injury to his knee during rugby game. Trial listed for 3 days before HHJ Coe QC.
  • JM v JK (2020): claim pleaded at c. £1m for a serious hand injury to a sculptor. Liability admitted and claim resolved at JSM. Dispute predominantly involved Ogden 7 reducing factor approach or Smith v Manchester approach.
  • JB v WAS Ltd (2020): young scaffolder had fallen from height. Contributory negligence and quantum in issue with claim pleaded at c. £1m. The matter settled at JSM on favourable terms.
  • RS v DG (2019): claim pleaded at c. £1.5m and settled at JSM.
  • SS v ZS (2019): chronic pain case pleaded at c. £1.1m but settled for c. £300,000 at JSM.
  • RH v EP (2019): claim by member of police for c. £1.2m. Settled at JSM at a considerable discount to this.
  • SW v JA (2019): claimant was a double amputee. Claim pleaded at £18m. Quintin was led by William Norris QC and matter settled at JSM.
  • MW v AL (2019): claim for severe orthopaedic injuries arising out of an RTA. Claim pleaded at c. £4.5m. Quintin was led by Neil Block QC, and the matter settled at JSM.

Employer’s Liability

Quintin has experience in claims involving a multiplicity of issues and breaches of statutory duties:

  • The Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992
  • The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
  • The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
  • The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • The Work at Height Regulations 2005

Occupier’s Liability and Public Liability

Quintin has acted in a large number of claims involving occupiers, limited companies and public bodies, including:

  • Liability of a school for the brain injury of a pupil who fainted during assembly.
  • Liability of household owner where a guest fell to his death from the roof as they attempted to enjoy the view.
  • Liability of hospitals for on-site facilities.
  • Liability of unincorporated associations for members and visitors.
  • Liability of councils for citizens using services.

Quintin, led by William Norris QC, represented the successful defendant in the case of Buckett v Staffordshire County Council (QBD, November 2014 Lawtel AC0146016) in which it was held that the defendant’s school owed no duty under the OLA 1984 to the catastrophically injured child trespasser who fell through a skylight whilst on a roof.  He has recently advised on the potential liability of a homeowner whose guest fell off the unguarded roof (in circumstances when the fact that the roof was unguarded and that it was a high roof must have been obvious to the deceased).

Animal Act Claims

Quintin has developed a significant practice for both defendants and claimants in this niche area and has a number of ongoing cases involving rearing and kicking horses, and allegedly dangerous dogs.

Highway Claims

Quintin has a particular interest in this area and has advised and appeared in cases involving complex issues as regards the imputed adoption of certain roads or paths by highway agencies and the extent of any adopted highway, and has appeared in claims involving more straightforward factual matters.

Road Traffic Accidents

Quintin has experience across the usual breadth of road traffic accidents.  This experience has extended to the liability of taxi drivers for the safety of their passengers when alighting from their vehicles, and any potential liability of those drivers for the actions of their passengers.


Quintin has been involved in cases involving all aspects of fraud, including:

  • Exaggeration;
  • Fabrication of accidents;
  • Phantom passengers;
  • Fraud rings and staged accidents;
  • Contempt proceedings.

Quintin has recently achieved a finding of fraud at trial in Clerkenwell County Court (Traynor v Islington BC) on the basis that the claimant had simply made up her tripping accident.  The finding was based on the inconsistent contemporaneous medical records and the inconsistencies elicited in cross-examination.

Quintin’s approach to fraudulent claims is clear – if there is the evidence to do so, then fraud should be pleaded and the claim should be run to trial.  Quintin also frequently advises on applications to strike-out claims, and on the merits of contempt of court proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Quintin has had considerable experience in appearing on behalf of both claimant and defendants in JSMs and mediations, the latter particularly for NHS Trusts. Quintin recently acted for the NHS in a 6 party dispute which resolved at mediation. Quintin has undertaken training provided by internationally accredited arbitrators, and is available as an arbitrator as part of the 39 EC ADR panel.


Quintin has developed a substantial practice in property claims.  He has represented many of the large insurers and utility companies in cases involving subsidence, power surges, fires and escapes of gas, water and sewage.  He has also acted for individuals in high value property damage claims.  Among his more recent cases was the successful defence of a claim against the Crown Estates for a fallen tree which caused significant damage, and a multi-party dispute concerning a fire which destroyed in excess of a million pounds worth of cigarettes.

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