W v L and EUI Insurance

W v L and EUI Insurance

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Simon Browne KC successfully represented a 20-year old Claimant in a claim with an eventual admitted value of £21.5 million.

W was rendered tetraplegic when he was a 17 year old back seat passenger in a car which rolled over due to the negligence of the driver.

He suffered C3-AIS A tetraplegia (complete tetraplegia with spasticity, pain, and bilateral hand function) following cervical spine injury requiring Anterior Cervical decompression with neurogenic bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Issues in the claim involved the incidence of contributory negligence due to the driver being intoxicated through alcohol, causation for failure to wear a seatbelt, the level and sourcing of care costs, and accommodation costs following Swift v Carpenter, and the form of award.

Simon led Ben Casey junior counsel and was instructed by HCC Solicitors.

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