Trade Negotiations post Brexit – “A new frontier for Environmental Law” Stephen Tromans QC

Trade Negotiations post Brexit – “A new frontier for Environmental Law” Stephen Tromans QC

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UKELA – the UK Environmental Law Association – has been exploring what the implications of UK trade negotiations for environmental law after Brexit might be.

An event held this week in London brought together expert speakers on different aspects of this complex and increasingly important field.

Stephen Tromans QC of 39 Essex Chambers closed proceedings with an exploration of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), albeit with some qualifications given the question mark over this initiative under the new incoming US administration. “This is a new frontier for environmental law,” said Stephen in his summing up. “The new model of trade agreements is not just about increasing trade: it is about co-operation on social and environmental goals. The challenge for trade partners is to make their economic power a force for good for all concerned, including the environment.”

After an introduction by Professor Tom Burke, in his role as UKELA Patron, Professor Joanne Scott of University College London gave an overview of World Trade Organisation (WTO) law and environmental regulation. Christophe Bondy, Partner at Volterra Fietta, followed with his insights from his long involvement in trade deals and the environment.

“Our members’ interest in the interface between environmental law and trade agreements has been sharpened by the Brexit vote,” added Linda Farrow, UKELA Executive Director. “UKELA will be giving this increasing focus in our events and policy work .”

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