Stuart Catchpole QC and David Bateson to speak at SCL Hong Kong’s Flagship Annual Conference

Stuart Catchpole QC and David Bateson to speak at SCL Hong Kong’s Flagship Annual Conference

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SCLHK’s flagship Annual Conference 2020 is this year taking place once, through a series of 4 webinars.

Unexpected events regularly occur during the life of a construction project. These may include accidents, unforeseen ground conditions or even force majeure events. Some of these events will have more severe consequences than others. The Annual Conference Series will explore how these various unexpected events may impact a construction project, and how to plan for and mitigate such risks, particularly in a post Covid-19 world.

Stuart Catchpole QC and David Bateson will be speaking on the 24th November at 6pm on ‘Impossibility and frustration’.

The session will be a review and discussion of the availability of an argument that a contract or part thereof is impossible to perform, including:

  • What are the legal principles governing impossibility and frustration?
  • When would practical difficulty become an impossibility and how far should a contractor go in proving the impossible?
  • Who pays for proving and constructing the impossible?
  • What are the potential consequences of impossibility and frustration?
  • Examples of cases where an impossibility argument was made;
  • Were such cases successful and what were the reasons for their success or failure?

Chaired by James Leabeater QC, Stuart and David will also be joined by fellow speaker Eugenio Zoppis of Salini-Impregilo SpA.

For further information and to register see SCLHK’s website here.

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