Seminar: No Deal Brexit & Cross-Border Litigation 12th March

Seminar: No Deal Brexit & Cross-Border Litigation 12th March

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Since 1 January 1987 cross-border litigation in the UK has been increasingly dominated by European laws and rules that created schemes based on principles of mutual trust and co-operation in civil litigation. Brexit involves the UK losing the benefits of those schemes that depend on EU Membership and abandoning the majority of these European laws and rules. Any “No Deal Brexit” will therefore have immediate and significant impacts on cross-border disputes in both UK courts and in Europe.

In order that lawyers engaged in cross-border civil and commercial litigation can prepare for these changes, Michael McParland QC and will give an up-to-date expert assessment of the likely impact of a No Deal Brexit on our rules relating to jurisdiction, choice of law, service of proceedings, evidence gathering, and the recognition and enforcement of judgments, and the implications for UK litigants, both here and in Europe.


Tuesday 12th March 2019


12.30pm-1.30pm (Registration from 12)


Walker Morris
Kings Court
12 King Street

To register attendance, please email

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