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Why should I apply for mini-pupillage?

We hope you have read the sections on pupillage, which make it clear that we strongly encourage applicants for pupillage to undertake a mini-pupillage with us if they can. This is the best way in which potential applicants for pupillage can make a realistic assessment of whether they would suit Chambers and whether Chambers would suit them. However, we do not discriminate against those who have not done a mini-pupillage with us.

When should I apply for mini-pupillage?

In general, you should not apply to 39 Essex Chambers before the final year of your academic legal studies; we receive so many applications that we have decided to limit applications to those who are close to applying for pupillage.

For those completing a law degree or a law masters degree this means applying in their final year of study prior to commencing Bar School the following autumn. For CPE students this means applying in the final year of the law conversion course (depending upon whether this has been done on a full time or part time basis).

If you are not in your final year of law studies, but nevertheless wish to undertake a mini-pupillage at 39 Essex Chambers, please apply following the process explained below and explain why we should consider making an exception in your case.


Our mini-pupillage process for 2018-2019 is now closed.

Applications should generally be made as early as possible after 1st September, up to the end date of 31st October each year and while applicants are in their final year (save for exceptional circumstances) before undertaking the BPTC. Mini-pupillages will be offered in the period between making the application and the end of February.

How do I apply for a mini-pupillage?

Please download our short application form by clicking on the link above and return the completed form to Chambers, with your CV, before the application deadline expires.

If possible, please send your application form and CV by email to If you send your application by email you should receive an automatic acknowledgement of safe receipt.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement or if you do not have access to email, please send a hard copy of your application form and CV to 39 Essex Chambers, 81 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1DD, marked “Mini-pupillage Application”.

The application form will request that you specify a preference as to dates when it would be convenient to complete a three day mini-pupillage between September 2018 and February 2019. We cannot guarantee to offer your preferred dates as stipulated in your application form but we will endeavour to do so.

Chambers is particularly keen to ensure that those in full-time employment (whether in the legal profession or otherwise) have the opportunity of applying for a mini-pupillage.

What will I do on a mini-pupillage?

Mini-pupillages usually last for three days (in exceptional circumstances Chambers will permit a shorter placement).

Mini-pupillages are assessed by one piece of written work which usually takes one day to complete and is marked in accordance with our pupillage selection criteria. The written assessments are retained on file and form part of the pupillage assessment process. IT facilities will be made available for mini-pupils if necessary.

We endeavour to allow mini-pupils to see a wide range of work and to ensure that they spend time in Court and/or conferences in order to see core advocacy skills in practice.

Chambers will try to take into account any particular areas of interest expressed in the application form when allocating a supervisor for the mini-pupillage. An interest in a broad spread of Chambers work is, however, encouraged, particularly as during pupillage itself, our pupils sit with supervisors drawn from the four core practice specialisms: civil liability, public law, construction/commercial law, and environmental/planning law.

Mini pupils are allocated a mini-pupil supervisor on arrival in Chambers; normally a junior tenant who “looks after” each mini-pupil during the week. We hope that mini-pupils will be able to shadow several tenants, including silks and juniors, during their time in Chambers, as well as giving them the opportunity to talk with some the current pupils/ very junior tenants, usually over coffee or lunch.

Where possible mini-pupils will also meet a member of the Pupillage Committee who can answer queries about pupillage. Mini-pupils are actively encouraged to take advantage of any events that are taking place during their time in Chambers, including any seminars, Friday lunch, afternoon tea, or after work drinks.

Mini-pupils will be asked to give feedback on their mini-pupillage and such feedback will be taken into account when continuing to develop the process.

Where can I find out more?

We hope that this section of the website has answered any questions that you may have had about mini-pupillage at 39 Essex Chambers. If there are any questions that remain outstanding, please email

39 Essex Chambers is an equal opportunities employer.

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