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Camilla Church

Camilla Church is a specialist personal injury practitioner. She has developed her practice both at the Bar and also as in-house counsel for a leading litigation firm. As in-house counsel Camilla gained an excellent breadth of experience across the entire range of personal injury and clinical negligence litigation. She also acquired, at first hand, a good understanding of the methods and requirements of her lay and professional clients.

Camilla's approach is practical and constructive and she is used to taking responsibility for a case from an early stage and steering it through to its conclusion. She believes in offering her clients realistic and timely advice and representing them with tenacious and resourceful advocacy. Camilla is familiar with all methods of ADR and is an effective negotiator with an eye for the wood rather than the trees.

Areas of expertise

Personal Injury

Camilla's personal injury caseload includes high value catastrophic injury cases, occupational disease cases and fatal accidents. She regularly sees claims involving complex regional pain syndrome and post traumatic stress disorder. Her written work covers all aspects of drafting and advisory work, including schedules and counter schedules involving complex future loss of earnings and care claims and 'Ogden 6' calculations. She appears regularly in the High Court and the County Court. She has successfully negotiated settlements in a number of round table meetings and mediations.  In addition to the categories of cases listed below Camilla has also received instructions in the following cases:

  • Claim for PTSD by a 'rescuer' present at the aftermath of a fatal helicopter crash in Morecombe Bay
  • Preliminary advice as to potential civil/criminal liability arising out of allegedly false evidence provided by Autofocus in credit hire litigation

Road Traffic

Road traffic claims constitute a significant part of Camilla's practice. She has advised and drafted pleadings in many multiple vehicle accidents where liability is in dispute and she is experienced in analysing and addressing accident reconstruction expert evidence. She has advised in respect of contributory negligence arising out of failure to wear safety belts and helmets and also in cases involving allegations of contributory negligence against highways authorities. Camilla has dealt with claims involving indemnity issues and those involving uninsured drivers and the Motor Insurers Bureau. She has also had the pleasure of running and defending numerous credit hire arguments.

Recent cases include:

  • Advising insurer as to indemnity position where the collision was caused by the front seat passenger pulling up the handbrake of the policy holder's car (policy holder driving)
  • Claim to recover outlay in multiple vehicle collision claim
  • Claim by a scooter-driver in respect of below the knee amputation

Employers Liability / Health and Safety

Camilla has worked on many employers' liability claims and is very familiar with the health and safety regulations and associated case law.  She has been instructed in numerous claims involving healthcare employees including ward and theatre nurses, mental health nurses and occupational health therapists and technicians.   She is interested in arguments about the employer/employee relationship and issues of control.  She appreciates the importance of acquiring a thorough understanding of the occupation and equipment in question.

Recent cases include:

  • Claims by mental health nurses in respect of assaults by patients
  • Claim by sonographer for work-related upper limb disorder
  • Claim by a gravedigger who fell into the grave
  • Claim by a tunnel digger involving multiple sub-contractors
  • Claim by a theatre staff nurse for work-related upper limb disorder
  • Claim by electrician involving multiple sub-contactors
  • Claim by occupational therapist injured in a service user's home
  • Claim by occupational therapist technician injured whilst making adaptations to service user's home
  • Claim by paramedic for injury caused by allegedly defective trolley bed
  • Claim for below the knee amputation by a school caretaker

Public Liability

Camilla has considerable experience in highways claims and occupiers' liability claims.  She has also dealt with cases involving animals and has advised an insurer client in respect of proposed amendments to the Animals Act.

Recent cases include:

  • Multiple defendant, liability disputed slipping claim
  • High value tripping claim
  • Represented major retailer in slipping/tripping claims brought by customers


Camilla has appeared in numerous inquests, including those held before a jury.

Recent inquests include:

  • Jury inquest into the death of an overhead crane operator
  • Jury inquest into the death of a farm shop employee
  • Inquest into the death of a driver struck by a loose tailgate on the motorway
  • Inquest into the death of a young motorcyclist whose motorcycle skidded beneath a lorry on oil spilled from a broken down bus

Clinical Negligence

Camilla deals with an increasing number of cases of clinical negligence and has developed a good range of experience in this area.

Recent cases include:

  • Liability claim for allegedly negligent hallux valgus correction surgery
  • Liability claim for allegedly negligent failure to diagnose DVT
  • Liability claim for allegedly negligent treatment of arm fracture
  • Liability claim alleging that a non-absorbable suture was used/not removed during abdominal surgery
  • Liability claim for allegedly failing to diagnose eye infection leading to blindness
  • Liability claim for allegedly negligent transurethral resection of the prostate surgery
  • Dealing with quantum in an Erb's palsy claim
  • Dealing with quantum in a cauda equina syndrome claim


Costs and Litigation Funding

Camilla has appeared in the Senior Courts Costs Office and has experience in respect of both substantive and interlocutory costs matters.