New episode of At Home Around the World Published

New episode of At Home Around the World Published

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In the latest episode of At Home and Around the World Karen Gough is in conversation with Parveen Mahtani, the chief legal officer of Mahindra Lifespaces Developers Limited in Mumbai, about her journey into legal practice; the transition from private practice to in house counsel and the skill sets required for that role. They also discuss the role and unique contributions of women in law; managing practice in India during the pandemic and assisting fellow practitioners to sustain practice in circumstances where access to vital resources is restricted or simply not available. Parveen also describes her work in the field of social justice and mobility with Amwizer, a charity which she founded to aid the knowledge and advancement of young people by bringing them together with industry experts; and the importance of mentoring and supporting the development of young people in the workplace, sharing experience and leading the way.

Click here to view the latest episode and catch up on previous ones.

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