We are pleased to announce a bumper edition of 'At home, around the World' with four new episodes

In Episode 3, the 'Asian Arbitral Institutions Episode', Swee Im Tan catches up with Eric Ng (HKIAC), Kevin Nash (SIAC) and Tatiana Polevshchikova (AIAC). The group discuss how the different arbitral institutions have been coping with the move to virtual hearings and greater cooperation between their organisations and how the flexibility of arbitration can allow parties to adapt to the new situation. On a personal level, they chat about the importance of virtual communication in their own lives, what the future may hold in the next few months and whether their next catch up will be Zoom based or not.

Staying in Asia for Episodes 4 and 6, Samar Abbas Kazmi catches up with Kelvin Teo (based in Singapore) and Feisal Naqvi (based in Pakistan) respectively. In Episode 4, Samar and Kelvin discuss how the circuit breaker measures are impacting, and may well continue to impact, all walks of life in Singapore; what the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act means for the construction industry; and whether things will ever be 'normal' again. Equally in Episode 6, Samar and Feisal explore how the pandemic might impact developing economies like Pakistan. They focus on how the current situation is affecting access to justice; the opportunities for reform in the commercial dispute resolution sector which arise as a result of the need for innovation; how investor-state disputes might be affected; and what, if any, impact the current climate might have on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as part of the Belt & Road Initiative.

Finally, in Episode 5, Lindy Patterson QC talks to Annette Magnusson, the Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). They discuss how the institution has been dealing with the pandemic and the move to remote working, whether there has been a decrease in the numbers of people filing for arbitration and what the wider effect on disputes might be. Lindy and Annette also share their thoughts on the broader impact of greater videoconferencing technology, what might remain after this is over and what Zoom background to go for!

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