Steven Lim to speak at CIArb Singapore Branch Event 4th September

Steven Lim will be one of two arbitrators leading a discussion around some of the more difficult questions that arbitrators and arbitration practitioners have to face including:

Composition of the tribunal

• What can a candidate for appointment as an arbitrator discuss with a party regarding his/her potential appointment in advance?

• Should party-appointed arbitrators consult the parties about the choice of chair and how should they do so?

• When is it desirable to appoint a Tribunal Secretary?

Conduct of the proceedings

• Is it desirable to leave some or all matters of procedural or evidential directions in the hands of the chair?

• Does the Tribunal have a role in identifying a List of Issues?

• To what extent, if at all, is it appropriate for the Tribunal to propose preliminary issues, or bifurcated proceedings when the parties have not raised the suggestion?

Conduct of the hearing

• To what extent should the arbitrator intervene to focus the arguments/cross examination of counsel at the hearing onto points that appear important to the Tribunal?

• How to handle various issues in relation to an absent party?

• What is the arbitrator's proper response when neither party relies on an obviously important provision in the contract which appears to the arbitrator potentially to affect the outcome of the dispute?

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