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The Public Law Podcast Does the Care Act 2014 require a local authority to fund a family holiday to Florida?

In this episode, Sian Davies and Arianna Kelly discuss the recent Court of Appeal in R(BG and KG) v Suffolk County Council [2022] EWCA 1047, in which the court considered a challenge to local authority's refusal to fund holidays, day trips and food for two men with 24-hour needs for care and support. Sian and Arianna discuss:

  • The implications of the case for people with needs for care and support and local authorities  -  what should service users expect, and how should local authorities respond?
  • When a 'universal service' (including holidays, transportation and entrance fees) may be an eligible need under the Care Act 2014
  • How the case may impact on charges and disability-related expenditure
  • What has changed since the Care Act 2014 replaced the National Assistance Act 1948
  • Whether the Care Act 2014 can require a local authority to fund outings and holidays

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