Practice Direction 57AC in practice

The question in respect of PD57AC was whether it would ultimately mean reform or revolution, as explored in our previous post.[1] As outlined in that post, the courts have already given guidance on PD 57AC in two cases: (i) a decision in the Commercial Court of Sir Michael Burton in Mad Atelier International BV v Manes;[2] and (ii) a decision in the TCC of O'Farrell J in Mansion Place Ltd v Fox Industrial Services Ltd.[3]

The latest guidance provided by the courts can be found in Blue Manchester Ltd v Bug-Alu Technic GmbH and another[4] ("Blue Manchester"). In Blue Manchester, although the application to strike out the second defendant's witness statements for non-compliance with PD 32 and PD 57AC failed, the court did offer some of the most detailed guidance we have seen yet on PD 57AC.

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