PODCAST MINI-SERIES: Commercial and Construction Costs

We are delighted to launch our first mini-series today from OUTLOOK: The Commercial, Construction and International Arbitration Podcast.

For anyone interested in commercial and construction costs, and costs generally, then you won't want to miss this mini-series. Over four short episodes, with an introduction from former Senior Costs Judge Peter Hurst, our members cover:

  • Episode 1 - The divide between incurred and budgeted costsĀ (Judith Ayling)
  • Episode 2 - What is a good reason to depart from a budget? (Shaman Kapoor)
  • Episode 3 - Recent developments in relation to costs against non-parties: experts and capping the liability of commercial fundersĀ (Marion Smith QC)
  • Episode 4 - Indemnity costs revisited - clear, simple, the Brave New World (Paul Darling OBE QC)
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