New Update of 'At Home, Around the World'

In Episode 7, Steven Lim (based in Singapore) chats with esteemed jurist Justice AK Sikri, former judge of the High Court of Delhi and Supreme Court of India, and currently an international judge of the Singapore International Commercial Court. They explore the distinguished career of Justice Sikri, his journey towards the judiciary and his message for lawyers and practitioners following his experience. In this wide-ranging conversation, the two discuss the role of the judiciary in the Indian constitution and the challenges faced whilst also on a more personal level, they discuss Justice Sikri's transition to becoming an international arbitrator and the differences between sitting as a judge in Singapore as compared to India. They also explore whether Justice Sikri would explore matters differently as a judge rather than as an arbitrator, their messages for counsel as to how to approach arbitrators and their personal experience of virtual hearings and whether they are here to stay.

Then in Episode 8, Steven Lim catches up with David Gu, Partner at Tiantong & Partners about some of the lessons that he has learnt throughout the period of lockdown that took place in China and how that impacted his practice. The two practitioners discuss the effect of COVID-19 on the courts and arbitration centres in Beijing and China more widely as well as some of the steps taken by the leading Chinese institutions to mitigate the impact. They discuss the online hearing system in China and whether these advanced hearing technologies are here to stay as well as the adoption of virtual hearings in arbitration and what factors might lead to arbitration using virtual hearings more in the future.

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