Judicial review challenge issued against proposed rural school closure

Steve Broach and Gethin Thomas are instructed, by Irwin Mitchell, in a judicial review challenge to Somerset County Council's decision to close Misterton First School, a designated rural school in south Somerset, as part of restructuring of the county's education system. They act on behalf of Willow Larcombe, through her mother and litigation friend Taylor, who attends the school. In formal public consultations, the Council put forward only a single restructuring option which involved closing Misterton First School. There was no alternative put to consultees which included keeping the school open. The claim contends that the Council has: (a) failed to carry out a lawful consultation; (b) made a decision the basis of unlawful predetermination; (c) failed to take proper account of the presumption against closure of rural schools, and (d) acted irrationally. The claim was issued on 9 April 2021.

You can read more on the Local Government Lawyer website here.