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Episode 11: Interview with Rachel O’Connor – Insect protein for animal feed

Whilst there has been a shift in the UK to less meat and dairy consumption, globally the amount consumed is only likely increase. A significant proportion of animal feed is soya, which is imported from South America. Rachel O’Connor explains why using insect protein as animal feed makes sense from a land use, climate change, biodiversity and food system perspective.  She sets out the regulatory framework for animal feed in the UK; and the legal barriers to the wider adoption of insects as an important source of protein.

Rachel O’Connor is a partner in the agriculture team at Michelmores, specialising in sustainable agriculture practices such as insects as feed and food. Rachel led a team of lawyers advising on the legal aspects of the World Wildlife Fund’s roadmap to accelerating insect protein in UK feeds.

Resources: You can access the WWF report here; and articles by Rachel O’Connor, here.