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Current Trends in Public Law Episode 1: Not too early, not too late – when to file for judicial review?

Current Trends in Public Law is a podcast which aims to keep listeners up to date with interesting current issues in Public Law. It covers a wide range of issues with a focus on recent case law and changing trends in approaches to bringing and defending Public Law claims. The series is part of 39 Essex Chambers' Public Law Podcast and features guests who can offer expertise and insight covering a host of issues. From the timing of bringing a JR, through ECHR rights, to claims based on environmental rights, there is something for everyone! Our speakers are expert in their fields, with each episode updating the listener on recent issues while also giving useful advice and opinion.

In the first episode: 'Not too early, not too late – when to file for judicial review?' Katherine Barnes and Adam Boukraa answer two difficult questions about the timing of a judicial review. They first discuss the case law on when the three month period ends for bringing a judicial review, before moving on to consider when time begins to run for bringing a challenge to secondary legislation and policy.

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