All Change Please - Charlie Cory-Wright QC & Sadie Crapper (Personal Injury Law Journal)

Charlie Cory-Wright QC and Sadie Crapper summarise government proposals for changing how the discount rate is set.

"The moment we all were waiting for arrived on 7 September 2017 with the Ministry of Justice's announcement that the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary would lay draft legislation before Parliament that very day to change the way in which the personal injury discount rate is set, followed shortly thereafter by a long paper entitled The Personal Injury Discount Rate: How it should be set in future, and another, shorter, paper setting out the draft legislation (see reference box on p4). The aim of this piece is to provide the busy reader with a helpful summary of the contents of those papers. It will be followed by a commentary from Charlie Cory-Wright QC setting out his initial response to the announcement."

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