3 + 9 = Costs ADR: A response to Covid-19

The Costs Team includes qualified mediators (Peter Hurst, Shaman Kapoor, Katharine Scott) and members with judicial experience, past and present, (Peter Hurst, Shaman Kapoor).  Shaman Kapoor has successfully undertaken specific training on Provisional Assessments which was provided by Colin Campbell through CADR.  All members of the team are experienced in costs in ADR settings and are keen to facilitate a fast turnaround.  Our IT infrastructure is second to none and we are well-equipped to offer you an unrivalled service level.  Particularly given the delay now caused by Covid-19 to cases either already in the system or those waiting to get in, the Costs Team offer a number of schemes (with fees payable in advance) which you can read about here.

To discuss any of these schemes please contact Senior Practice Manager, Peter Campbell: / 020 7832 1124.