What our barristers do

Our insurance and reinsurance barristers advise on coverage and claims arising out of a range of insurance policies, including business interruption, contractors’ risk, employers’ liability, environmental risk, financial and credit risk, fire, flood, life, permanent health, professional indemnity, public liability and war and terrorist risk. Many of such claims involve allegations of material non-disclosure and fraud.

We also advise in relation to coverage disputes arising out of construction and engineering projects, dealing with issues such as aggregation and non-disclosure.

Our barristers also act in substantial and complex claims arising from property damage caused by fire, flood, pollution and other risks. This includes claims against sub-contractors and construction professionals, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment or products said to be implicated in the fire or flood and adjoining landowners or utility companies.

Who our barristers act for

Our barristers act for and advise both insurers and the insured.

Where our barristers act

Our barristers appear in court proceedings and appeals in England and Wales and overseas, and act as arbitrators and as counsel in arbitrations.

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