What our barristers do

We act in international PPP, and UK PPP/PFI, disputes across a range of sectors, including accommodation, defence, energy, healthcare, rail, roads and waste. Our barristers have an unrivalled understanding of the commercial and legal considerations that give rise to disputes at the various stages of a PPP or PFI project: funding, procurement, construction, operation, benchmarking and market testing, hand-back and termination.

Who our barristers act for

Our barristers act for all participants in a PPP/PFI project: public sector partners, projectcos, contractors, initial equity investors, lenders and secondary market investors.

Where our barristers act

We advise on almost all aspects of a PPP/PFI project and represent our clients in adjudications, arbitrations and court proceedings arising out of PPP/PFI disputes. We work on disputes in a variety of jurisdictions relating to the largest and most complex international projects.

Our people | PPP/PFI

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