Policy Coverage

What our barristers do

Coverage and avoidance issues under insurance policies, including notification, fraud, the extent of cover and policy exclusions, are an important adjunct to personal injury work.

Our barristers advise on such issues either as part of a personal injury claim or on a standalone basis. This may relate to whether a claim is covered by an employer’s liability policy or public liability policy or motor policy, for example, or where a claim falls between different forms of policy.

We also advise and represent clients in relation to whether an insurance policy can be and/or has been validly avoided.

A particular area of interest is challenge of repudiations and/or avoidances under the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Acts.

Who our barristers act for

Our barristers act for insurers and the insured, including private individuals and commercial concerns. In a dispute between insurers, it will be a case of acting for either or any of the insurers involved.

Where our barristers act

Our barristers appear in court proceedings and appeals in England and Wales and overseas, and act as arbitrators and as counsel in arbitrations.

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