What our barristers do

Our barristers represent parties at coroner’s inquests, such as those who have been bereaved and those who may be implicated in the death or face subsequent civil and/or criminal proceedings.

In more sensitive cases, there is often the prospect or possibility of an unlawful killing verdict and sometimes the investigation of a suicide. Many of these cases are industrial accidents and clinical mishaps, but we also deal with a wide range of other cases.

We also advise implicated parties and bereaved families and dependents on the civil and criminal proceedings that often follow inquests. 

Inquests in which we have been involved include those relating to Hillsborough, The Marchioness and the King’s Cross fire, to name a few.

Who our barristers act for

Our barristers act for government entities, statutory and charitable bodies, corporate entities, insurers, coroners, NHS bodies, GPs and clinical practitioners, care homes and private health care providers, bereaved families and individuals.

Where our barristers act

We act at all stages of the inquest process, from pre-inquest reviews to advocacy at the inquest, whether with or without a jury.

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