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What our members do

Alternative dispute resolution is increasingly necessary in public law disputes for many reasons, including being more cost-effective. Further, judicial review is something of a blunt instrument and is not always capable of achieving the outcome parties wish for. Parties may have objectives that cannot be accommodated within legal proceedings. Mediation offers greater scope for a resolution outside the limited parameters of legal argument resulting in one of the orders the court can make. 

Our barristers have knowledge and experience in the range of administrative and public law issues required to assist parties in mediation.

Who our members act for

Our barristers act for all parties involved in public law mediation. We can offer the services of our many qualified and experienced mediators to assist parties in reaching a resolution.

Where our members act

Mediation can be achieved by a range of mechanisms, including round table meetings and formal mediation sessions, which can be remote, hybrid or in person, both in the United Kingdom and internationally. 

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