What our barristers do

The coronial jurisdiction has expanded and evolved since the implementation of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009. Inquests are now more complex and fit into a wider system of regulation and death reviews.

As the coronial jurisdictions grow in complexity, both interested persons and coroners require expert advice and advisory services.

We advise on the full range of inquest deaths, from purely medical matters to mass casualties.

Many inquests involve other specialist areas of our practice, such as deaths in prisons or education settings or cases where the deceased has mental health or capacity issues.

Who our barristers act for

Our barristers represent all interested persons in inquests, be they family members, public bodies, corporations or otherwise. Some of our barristers act as counsel to inquests, representing coroners in judicial review proceedings and giving expert opinions on the law.

Where our barristers act

Our barristers act in Coroner’s Court as well as internationally. Many of our barristers sit as assistant coroners, and others sit in jurisdictions or advise death review processes that interact with the coronial jurisdiction.

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