Business and Human rights

What our barristers do

Businesses can no longer shy away from their responsibilities to identify and remedy human rights abuses. These rights are recognised by the UN through its Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) and enshrined in domestic legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Human rights have become an essential compliance consideration in all aspects of commerce, including supply chains, procurement, finance, and environmental and investment strategies. In addition, many corporates recognise the reputational and financial benefits of becoming leaders in this field.

Our barristers offer expert strategic, legal and litigation advice in relation to human rights issues, including assessments and compliance with UNGP and OECD guidelines, supply chain and Modern Slavery Act transparency statements, procurement, equator principles, non-financial reporting requirements, responsible sourcing and investment.

Who our barristers act for

Our barristers act for public and private companies, charities and other organisations, often alongside in-house teams, and as external consultants in relation to risk and compliance issues and internal investigations.

Where our barristers act

We act in the European Court of Human Rights on grounds of challenge, including expropriation and procedural challenges, and in domestic and international proceedings and arbitrations, including investment treaty arbitrations.

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