24 Jun 2020

WEBINAR: No longer an exercise in futility? Adjudication and insolvency set off in the Supreme Court in Bresco

The inter-relationship between insolvency and adjudication could not be more important as the construction industry faces post-Covid 19 reality.

In this webinar, Marion Smith QC, Shaman Kapoor, David Sawtell and Philippe Kuhn consider the much-anticipated Supreme Court judgment in Bresco Electrical Services Ltd (In Liquidation) v Michael J Lonsdale (Electrical) Ltd [2020] UKSC 25 and the potential effect of this decision on:

  • the commencement of adjudications by insolvent companies
  • the enforcement of adjudicators' decisions by insolvent companies
  • the interplay between adjudication, arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution
  • the funding of adjudication and litigation by insolvent companies domestically
  • the presentation and prosecution of litigation in the TCC and globally




Date and Time

Wednesday 24th June @ 3.30pm


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