24 Jun 2020

WEBINAR: Mortgages and LPA receivers – important issues

Security can be comforting in uncertain times, but it can raise its own issues. Mortgages over land give a secured creditor a number of options to ensure payment. Not all of them are always open, however. One way of securing payment, the appointment of LPA receivers, is enjoying a renaissance in interest but is not always straightforward. This webinar will give an overview of the mortgagee's remedies. It will then analyse some particular issues which recent cases have highlighted.

David Sawtell and Niraj Modha of 39 Essex Chambers will present this live webinar.

What this live webinar will cover:

  • The remedies of the mortgagee – overview of their advantages and disadvantages, and the impact of Covid-19 temporary measures
  • Decision making by the mortgagee - UBS AG v Rose Capital Ventures Ltd and others [2018] EWHC 3137 (Ch), [2019] 2 BCLC 47
  • The powers of the mortgagee and land registration - Skelwith (Leisure) Ltd v Armstrong [2015] EWHC 2830 (Ch), [2016] Ch 345 revisited
  • The duties owed by LPA receivers - Devon Commercial Property Ltd v Barnett and another [2019] EWHC 700 (Ch)


David Sawtell & Niraj Modha's presentation (presented by David Sawtell), to view click here




Date and Time

Wednesday 24th June @ 10.30am


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