28 May 2020

WEBINAR: Impact of Covid-19 on financial services

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has had severe impact on the financial sector, causing disruption to capital markets, and raising serious threats to the protection of financial services customers. It has posed distinct challenges to regulators of all aspects of the financial services industry.

In this webinar, James Strachan QC, David Hopkins and Gethin Thomas will focus on the some of the most pressing legal issues with which both regulators, and those regulated, will have to grapple as the lockdown eases, and the dust gradually begins to settle.

In particular, the speakers will explore the following topics:

  • Regulatory responses: How have the regulators (the FCA, the Prudential Regulation Authority, Bank of England and the Pensions Regulator) as well as the Financial Ombudsman responded to the crisis, and how have the regimes changed?
  • Business Interruption Insurance: What are the implications of the FCA's test case in the High Court on business interruption insurance during the coronavirus pandemic? The FCA is seeking to obtain court declarations aimed at resolving contractual uncertainty in selected BI insurance policies.
  • Timetable changes: what extensions, delays and relief have been afforded in dealing with the knock on impacts of Covid-19 on the work of the regulators?
  • The elephant in the gloom – Brexit: How are regulators gearing up to deal with Brexit, and what further complications has Covid-19 caused?
  • Complaints to the FOS: What are the particular issues likely to arise in respect of acts or omissions giving rise to a potential complaint to the FOS in the context of Covid-19 and other recent developments?




Date and Time:

Thursday 28th May 2020, 3.30pm - 4.30pm

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