12 May 2020

WEBINAR: Dealing with the risk of fraud in private and public sector contracts

In these times, public authorities are under great pressure to ensure that their private sector contractors and suppliers can still be paid and contracts kept in place, even in circumstances where contractual milestones and KPIs cannot be met. In light of this, public authorities are facing a heightened risk of fraud.

This seminar looks at the following issues from the perspective of both sides of the deal:

  • Government guidance on managing contracts during coronavirus;
  • Fraud risks and prevention measures;
  • Protections and remedies available to public authorities and the supply chain (including contractual clawback clauses and common law remedies)



Presentation by Marion Smith QC, Rose Grogan and Philippe Kuhn - to view click here




Date and Time:

Tuesday 12th May, 2.30pm - 3.30pm


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