02 Nov 2023

Victoria Butler-Cole KC and Stephanie David speaking at Hill Dickinson Webinar on Obstetrics cases in the Court of Protection

Victoria Butler-Cole KC and Stephanie David will be joining Senior Associate, Claire Christopholus, of Hill Dickinson for a webinar on “Obstetrics cases in the Court of Protection”.

It is notoriously difficult to judge when an application to the Court of Protection (COP) is required in the context of obstetric care and treatment, particularly when a patient has fluctuating capacity, clinicians are concerned the patient may lose capacity during labour, or a birthing plan involves a deprivation of liberty or restraint. Trusts are often stuck between a rock and a hard place: they are criticised for making applications too late but also for making applications too early and too cautiously. Local authorities also have a role to play, if there are safeguarding concerns about the mother or baby. 

In this webinar, Barristers from 39 Essex Chambers, Victoria Butler-Cole KC and Stephanie David and Senior Associate at Hill DickinsonClaire Christopholus, will set out the key principles, provide a case law update, and discuss how best Trusts, clinicians, local authorities and their advisors should approach these difficult cases.

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