20 Sep 2018

Timothy Lyons QC to speak at The VIA Seminar - "Brexit: Trade, Customs and Tax – What do we know now?"

Timothy Lyons QC is to speak at The VIA Seminar - "Brexit: Trade, Customs and Tax – What do we know now?" on Thursday 20th September 2018 at the Dutch Brussels Bar, Brussels.

In this seminar Timothy will take three elements of the Brexit negotiations of particular interest to the commercial world: (i) trade relations, (ii) customs, and (iii) taxation.

He aims to summarise what we know about each of these three areas, what our clients should do by way of preparation for the future and what we may reasonably hope for in relation to any transitional period and beyond. In relation to trade he will look at the UK's position in relation to the many trade and trade-related agreements that the EU has with third countries. He will also examine some issues arising out of the UK's stated intention to have an independent trade policy.

On customs, the likely nature of the UK's relationship to the EU's customs union will be assessed, along with the practical issues arising in respect of customs procedures and authorisations.

Turning to tax, the impact of leaving the single market on direct and indirect tax and the future application of UK tax legislation and double tax treaties will be addressed together with the effects of the requirements of "the level playing field".

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