27 Jan 2021

Systemic Challenges - Legal and Practical Issues

Following the recent judgments in ZK v Redbridge LBC [2020] EWCA Civ 1597 and R (DMA) v SSHD [2020] EWHC 3416 (Admin), this webinar will look at systemic challenges from a legal and practical perspective. Drawing on these decisions as case studies, the discussion will cover:

  • Identifying the right test for assessing systemic unlawfulness
  • Selecting the target decision (including difference of approach between policy and systems challenges)
  • Remedies
  • Setting up systemic claims and gathering the right evidence

The speakers will include Steve Broach (who acted for the Claimant in ZK in the High Court), Jack Holborn and Katherine Barnes (who acted for the Claimants in DMA). They will be joined by Carla Clarke of Child Poverty Action Group.

Date and Time

Wednesday 27th January, 4pm - 5.30pm




Jack Holborn, Steve Broach & Katherine Barnes's presentation, to view click here


Carla Clarke's presentation, to view click here




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