09 Dec 2020

Spotlight on....International Arbitration in the New Normal

David Brynmor Thomas QC will join host Damian James of Damian James Delay and Quantum Experts and, fellow speaker, Fernando Ortega of CVML for a discussion on how international arbitration has changed since the start of 2020.

The will discuss a range of subjects, including:

  • Force Majeure: Where are we now and what happens in second or third waves of lockdown? What are the wider implications in arbitration?
  • Supplies and Resources: What are the implications for global projects in light of resources and restrictions on movement of goods and people?
  • Funding: how are funders and third-parties reacting to the continuing change? Is it possible to get backing to resolve a dispute?
  • Pricing: How should pricing be approached on projects, and how to deal with negotiations. Strategy: What strategies can you employ to secure payment and avoid drawn-out disputes?

Date and Time

Wednesday 9th December @ 8.30am UK Time

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