31 Mar 2022

Karen Gough to be guest speaker at Barton Legal Webinar on 31 March 2022 , at 11.00am on the subject of African Procurement and FIDIC Issues

Karen will be joined by Dr Tett Walters – from the African Institute of Supply Chain Research.

"African Procurement"

Tett will begin the webinar by speaking about procurement regimes in Africa, particularly under the auspices of the FIDIC forms of contract, and the current procurement challenges facing major project and infrastructure developments on the continent.

He will also consider the need for an assured dispute resolution regime and will consider the bidding document requirements of the African Development Bank and the use of the DAB / DAAB processes proposed in the FIDIC forms as they are or may be used on projects in Africa.

"FIDIC – Issues!" with Karen Gough – 39 Essex Chambers

Karen will present on related topics and issues arising from the use of the FIDIC Rainbow Suite of contract 1999/2017 on major projects. She will focus on the role of the Engineer as the first tier dispute avoidance and resolution mechanism utilising the Engineers' Determination process and the challenges of bringing and pressing formal claims, not least with an eye to problems associated with notice requirements and time bars.

Karen will also discuss some of the benefits and challenges arising from the extended role of the Engineer and the claims regime under the 2017 forms, particularly in connection with their use in developing countries.

This will be a lively and engaging debate, with two industry-leading experts.