30 Nov 2016

Jonathan Bellamy and Ben Olbourne to speak at the joint 39 Essex Chambers and Hill Dickinson Seminar on "Common issues in trading contracts" (Singapore).

Jonathan Bellamy and Ben Olbourne will both speak at the joint 39 Essex Chambers and Hill Dickinson seminar on "Common Issues in trading contracts" at Singapore Cricket Club on Wednesday 30th November 2016.

This will be a practical and interactive session explaining how to deal with day-to-day issues arising in trading contracts, including:

  • Trade confirmations: what happens when no 'main' contract document is agreed and significant terms are not clearly agreed between the parties?
  • Battle of the forms: what happens when both parties want to rely on their own standard terms and how do you avoid contracting on the other party's terms?
  • LOIs: when do owners/counterparts have a right to an LOI? When can an LOI be refused? What are the potential enforcement issues with LOIs? What do common LOI terms mean and how do they operate?
The panel will discuss common issues arising in these areas and will give practical advice, with reference to recent case law, on what action to take to protect your business interests.

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