07 Jan 2021

Care and support for disabled and elderly people during 'Lockdown 3' in England – key legal considerations

A third national 'lockdown' has been imposed in England, which will extend at least into mid-February 2021. The restrictions imposed to protect public health have obvious and significant consequences for people in need of care and support, their families and friends and professionals involved in their lives.

During the second 'lockdown', Sian Davies and Steve Broach put on a webinar to consider the implications for care and support for disabled and elderly people. Steve and Sian are now hosting a further webinar, to look again at the following issues in the context of the current regulations and guidance:

  • Circumstances in which those in need of care and support and their carers can leave their home, including whether 'exercise' is limited to once a day
  • The law in relation to visiting people in need of care and support, both in care homes and other settings
  • Other relevant exceptions to the 'lockdown' restrictions for people in need of care and support, including in relation to support groups and short breaks / respite care
  • Practical implications for those being cared for, their carers, and statutory bodies providing care


Date and Time

Thursday 7th January, 4.30pm - 5.30pm


Sian Davies & Steve Broach's presentation, to view click here




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